Top definition is by far (if ot the only) most decsent webcomic on all the internet.
it was created by the mighty Eric, and prides itself on creating all purpose entertaining and child friendly entertainment.
Small child: mummy mummy, can I go on this site its called Electric Retard.

Mother: I see no reason why. prides itself on creating entertaining and child friendly entertainment.

small child: YAY!
by ZE JUDEN September 05, 2008
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the about page from this web comic begins, "An entrancing comic strip suitable for children. It is drawn in MS paint buy sic a guy named eric, who likes to photograph children in the park on sunny days."

Electric Retard is truly an enchanting demonstration that art does not require fancy software or the ability to draw. Using only MS paint, a fertile mind full of good ideas, and just a little bit of hope for a better world, eric created art that truly defines the world in which we live.

I guess electric retard could also be an adjective to describe retards made of electricity.
After I read that comic from electric retard, I realized Hemingway, Faulkner, Kafka, Dostoevsky, and Twain were all talentless hacks.

guy 1: Man, I feel bad for making fun of that electric retard.
guy 2: You should. He's retarded!
guy 1: No, that's not why I feel bad. He heard and started shocking me. Now I can't get it up.
by beaulingpin June 23, 2009
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One of the most disgusting Web Comics ever made. It prides itself on rabid pedophilia, rape, gore, murder, and so forth, all drawn in MS Paint. Also a matter of 'pride' to them is that they where banned from Germany.

Some say that this is far & out the worst of internet shock sites.
Sick shit, dude. Don't believe me? Search Electric Retard on Google. You'll wish you didn't afterwards.
by Zero Proxy December 15, 2007
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