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Elainna is one of the hottest, coolest chicks EVER CREATED BY GOD! In fact she loyal, sweet, trustworthy, always a good friend, and usually has long brown beautiful hair. On the downside Elainna's have a short fuse and a HUGE temper! You Never want to cross a Elainna or you could end up being pulled off your Harley and have the total $hit beat outta you! Elainna's are always in the center of the party cracking funny ass jokes some people even call her the ultimate part girl. And most of all Elainna's are the best sisters ever!!!!!
Wow! That girl is beating the crap outta that barfly, she must be a Elainna!


Did ya see that hot Elainna...Dude run you pissed her off!!!!!
by Dela26 May 21, 2009
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