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Eileish is a beautiful girl with brunette/light blonde curly hair. Her eyes, framed by delicate lashes, are a bright, sapphire-blue and could brighten anyone's world. She features a cute ski slope nose and a smile that truly leaves you breathless + an ass that leaves heads turning and shows the dedication of hours squatting at the gym.

She has the goofiest of goofiest personalities. When she laughs, you can't not laugh with her. Shes so much fun to hang around you easily lose sense of time, everything about her distracts you from the outside world. In times when you know you have to leave you just can't, she gives you a sincere look that mind-fucks you and turns you back.

She is a girl you will never forget and if you ever have the chance to do date an Eileish, date the shit out of her because she truly is awesome.
Calum: "Damn, Eileish is banging"
Richard: "lol keep dreaming bro"
by Calum-mc August 18, 2014
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