Ahh shit I don't care this is bull shit asshole If you dont like this def then I don't care 'cause this def is a pile of bull shit and if you think otherwise fuck you I fucking think your an ass hole go fuck your ass you dumb hunk of shit I think you need to go play hidandgofuckyourself you fucking ass hole I think that you have no balls and are a fucking retard I'm sure have pleasure fucking your self and giving people hand jobs You crack hore you let people suck your imaginary dick Why don't you go back to Fuckoff Land so you can well fuck off and fuck other people of your sex and they can give your like 50cents
How many balls do you think you have if you have two you need to check if do If you have three Ehh wrong answer If you are a girl you outta come to my place so we can fuck only if you look good If your fat go away
Well you've gotten to the end so you must be really gay and have problems
by JMJ3 February 24, 2005
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