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An Anglophile who has crossed the line beyond which a simple love for his language ( english) has become an all consuming disregard for other languages. This sort of Ego-mania is found mostly amongst Americans and British people. The fear of other languages( mostly Chinese and Spanish ) mingled with the need to establish cognitive dominance, both of which were spawned in the old British Empire, (now transformed into the American empire), have created this special breed of insanity.Of course Linguistic bigotry is not new in history...English, however, is one of the most succesful languages due to the simple and direct nature of its structure-with this success comes the sin of intellectual pride. Eglomania can be tinged with racism but not necessarily. It can also be tinged with condescending acknowledgement of the value of other languages -- but not necessarily.One must not confuse White Supremacism with Eglomania. Some human specimens are both, many are either/or . Eglomaniacs might be right (pun! )Check back in a century to see if the English language is still the language of business on earth .
That person insists on using english ALL the time . But I KNOW he speaks a few words of spanish. I wonder--Is he merely lazy, insecure perhaps-- or is he an Eglomaniac ?
by Mr Fool Folly August 17, 2007
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