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a term that is followed by my ass or my dick
"Eema." "What?" "Eema ass motherfucker."
by xI Murx October 21, 2018
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Eema is name of a beautiful girl. Not by only her face but by her heart also. She can be a little chubby. She is adored and loved by everyone who know her and talk to her. But she is also hated by many people. When she loves, she loves blindly. She can do anything for the people she love. At times she can be angry also and can also loose her temper if something irritates her. Also she is too overprotective for the ones she love. And also always she gets too atached to the characters she watches in live programes or in movies. She dances well and sings well. She can be a true friend but you just have to understand her sometimes.
Do you need a true friend in your life ? Go talk to eema.
by Zoya Ashraf January 11, 2018
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