Edwards syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality resulting in there being a third copy of chromosome 18 instead of the usual pair - this is called Trisomy 18.

Babies with Edwards Syndrome are likely to have some facially different (dysmorphic) features, as well as an increased risk of heart defects and difficulty with apnoea (remembering to breathe) in very young babies. Youngsters (particularly those with the most severe heart defects) are likely to need extensive medical support and due to the expected impairments this is frequently withheld in the mistaken belief that death is imminent and inevitable. It is not, and the oldest known person with the condition is in their early 30s at time of writing.

Infants that survive their first weeks and months will have physical and intellectual impairments but all will learn and develop with time, interact with others and experience a full range of emotions and pleasures. Approximately 1 in 10 babies will see their first birthday, and of these 1 in 10 will live to age 10.
My friend's two-year-old with Edwards Syndrome really loves our labrador. She squeals and laughs with joy whenever the dog comes into view.
by BlackVanGirl June 11, 2009
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The depression during the period after a fanatic of the Twilight saga finishes the final book, Breaking Dawn. Is characterized by a sense of sadness and anger that there is no more Edward Cullen to be had.
Lauren: "Danielle seems pretty sad lately, don't you think?"

JoJo: "She just finished Breaking Dawn. I think she has After Edward syndrome."
by MrsEdwardCullen November 12, 2008
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N. When you find someone so attractive, they could say and do the creepiest things to you, but you won't realize it because you're blinded by their beauty.

I.E the effect that Edward Cullen from the Twilight series has on the main character, Bella.
Girl: OMG You're amazingly hot.
Guy: I watch you in your sleep, and might beat and kill you for the hell of it.
Girl: You're so handsome. I love you.
Guy: Damned Edward Cullen Syndrome

Guy 2: Has anyone ever told you you look like a model?
Girl 2: If I ever see you flirt with another girl again, I'll castrate you.
Guy 2: *stares at breasts*
Girl: Damned Edward Cullen Syndrome
by Lakehurst June 16, 2010
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es is where a young person, typically a lad is going through hormonal changes and becomes very aggressive incredibly violent and ‘hulks out’ for no reason.

it is usually a temporary condition however it can get progressively worse through teenage years
me- hi, how are you
someone suffering with es (edwards syndrome) - ARGHHHH FUCK OFF YOU SILLY CUNT ARGHHH

oh i reckon he has ES
by khushianddilarax March 28, 2019
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