A fictional character in Stephenie Meyer's novel series Twilight. He is a vampire with the ability to read minds with the exception of Bella Swan.

Not only is he the world's oldest virgin, he is also the world's oldest pedophile.

Many girls within the 12-15 age range, are infatuated with him, and have created this need for the "perfect" boy whom also happens to be a vampire. Once they realize that no such boy exist, they start to believe that Edawrd Cullen is real, and read the book more than 2 times, to help push the idea further, along with their insanity.
Beth - OMG!!!!!! I am TOTALLY going to marry EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!! We are TOTALLY made for each other!!!!!!!!!

Allie - You're in love with a guy who doesn't even EXIST? Have fun trying to marry your book....
by adome March 26, 2009
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Sparkley sugar daddy (Old men who like to spoil their young girlfriends) that is a peeping tom and has an un-natural obsession with a rather clingy girl.
"Screw Edward Cullen, I support Cedric Diggory"
"Edward Cullen is a great example of dirty old men you usually meet over the internet"
by Snape loves you January 25, 2010
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A character from the "hit" series of books Twilight. I personally only know a couple things about him, such as the fact that he defies all laws of vampirism. First of all, he walks in the daylight, he only feeds on animals (which apparently makes him a vegetarian vampire). 99.9% of readers of the Twilight books see him as the "perfect man." I see many problems with him. First of all is the fact that he isn't real, which most girls cannot get through their heads. Second, from what I've heard he stalked Bella, before they even started talking. I've also heard he is extremely jealous of every man who likes Bella. Last time I checked, the perfect guy wasn't jealous. Most girls talk constantly about how he's so sexy, which is kind of disturbing considering the fact that he's just ink on paper. People were saying stuff like that before they had a guy for the movie. Which makes it more disturbing.
Me: I'm so bored
Twilight Fan Girl: EDWARD CULLEN!!! AHH!!!
Me: Where did that come up?
Twilight Fan Girl: He's so sexy!!!
Me: He defies the law of Vampirism
Twilight Fan Girl: So?
Me: He's also just a fictional character
Twilight Fan Girl: SO!!! He Could Be! You should be more like him!!!
Me: Yeah it's so sexy how he bites your neck and you bleed it out on your bed.
Twilight Fan Girl: No he only eats animals!!!
Me: So its sexy when he bites your dog?
by DownwithEdward February 21, 2009
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A 108 year old virgin that's the second main character in the Twilight saga. He sparkles in the sun, is a abusive to his "mate" (the bitch known as Bella Swan), and is overly lovey-dovey and boring. Many Twilight fangirls think he's hot, but he makes sane people want to vomit. He claims to be a vampire, but since vampires don't sparkle, he's most likely some species of gay fairy.
Twilight Fangirl: I want to marry Edward Cullen! Don't you?

Sane Person: Sorry, I don't do sparkly retards.
by JadeHeartOfFire March 21, 2009
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A fag from the... you know what, I'm not even going to call it a book, and the movie of course is just as horrible... the fag is from Twilight, the book/movie that so many brainless teenage girls are obsessed with. Apparantly, he survives in the sun... bull shit. Also, he apparatnly sparkles... also bull shit.

These teenage fangirls tend to be total bitches on the subject, and will consider you to be pure evil if you don't like Edward Cullen or Twilight.

So basically, he's just a huge fag.
Edward Cullen is a fag, Dracula rocks.
by Non-stereotypical Teenager September 13, 2009
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The oldest virgin in the world, being 108 years old. A vampire that was thought of as gay until he fell for the freaky, socially awkward, ugly, pale girl, that smells like freesia and he always want to kill to taste her sweet blood,that he stalked and watched her sleep for about four months before they became a couple.(I don't know he still seems gay to me.) He sparkles in the sunlight and can run really fast and like read your thoughts.
Man, that guy is freaky.
Yeah he's a true Edward Cullen.
by noellewashere March 10, 2009
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The subject of the adoration of a nation of female sycophants. Aforementioned sycophants may be teenaged or middle-aged. The jury is currently out on which is less pathetic.
The "perfect man", hero of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. The last time I checked, the perfect man was not a controlling stalker, but hey. That's just me. Maybe you all would LOVE IT if your boyfriend forbid you from seeing your best friend and stared at you while you had inappropriate dreams about other men. (see "perfection")
The least original romantic hero ever written.
If only Edward Cullen were my boyfriend, then I would know what it's like to be under house arrest.
by missmagpie January 19, 2009
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