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1. A colorful flower that can be very frustrating to grow. They are known to have especially energetic growth early on. However the slightest change in environment will cause them to wilt. The constant maintenance needed to keep them growing has caused them to become known as the princess of the flower world.

2. A girl's name. Someone with the name Freesia tends to share many of the same characteristics as the flower. While they are colorful and opinionated it can take a lot of coaxing to get them to come out. Its not uncommon for them to ditch you at the last minute and just stay home.

This has given rise to the expression. "Don't pull a Freesia"
"Where is Susan?"

"Don't know, she said she would be here at 9'oclock, guess she's pulling a Freesia"
by Drefwil March 09, 2010
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