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Edward/Eddie as he prefers to be called is one of a kind. He is very good looking and has cute elf like cheeks. He tries to be angry but his eyebrows wobble therefore making it hopeless. He is kind hearted and loves fluffy animals. He has a place in his heart for anyone however, when it comes to his girlfriend she is number 1, he puts her before everything and treats her like a princess he loves her with all his heart and he would never do a thing to hurt her. A lot of girls like Eddie but he is only interested in his girl (that means all you other relationship wrecking whores can do one). He has big plans for his future and is sure to do well, as a trained mechanic this young man has his tough side and downs too, he's late 70% of the time and he can upset people without realising but he always puts things right. He's worked hard his whole life and now everything will return to his favour. His girlfriend is a very lucky girl.
Edward Cole loves his girlfriend alot
by eddies'gal August 04, 2012
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