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n. a teacher who keeps using sexual words during lecture rather than the appropriate vernacular
v. (edusexualize) to enhance your dull speech with sexual words so that people don't fall asleep while you're talking
adj. describes a person or action that is edusexualized in nature.
adv. (edusexually) describes speech which lends itself to being edusexualized.
n. What an edusexual! I thought we were learning about comparative government and politics and instead our prof just keeps saying that we need to "thrust" our ideas into the future to prevent futher "cleavage" of the state.
v. At least I wake up everytime our professor edusexualizes his topics. Without it, I'd sleep through the whole class. Luckily, the word cleavage perks me up.
adj. His edusexual style of speech amuses me because I see a well-endowed girl sitting in the front row. Clearly he can't get her out of his head.
adv. Was he speaking edusexually on purpose; or was he simply distracted by her double D breasts?
by Kag October 21, 2005
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