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Arising from an Urban legend of a defender who would go out of his way to right wrongs, this term has now become part of the common vernacular of Southern California specifically in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica regions.
A. Verb (used with an object)
1. To relentlessly pursue justice and retribution for a perceived harm.
2. To protect the interests of yourself or those close to you by haranguing those who do harm even if that harm was unintentional.
3. This action can be positive or negative depending on whether one is on the giving or receiving end.

B. Noun:
1. Verbal maneuver or quality designed to elicit a personally favorable response from another; often clever with use of Socratic questioning or deductive devices which put the person on the receiving end at a distinct disadvantage.
Example A
Question: β€œWhy is that Starbucks barista crying?” Answer: β€œShe was edshared for making that cappuccino with no foam instead of low foam”.

Example B
He pulled an edshare on the insurance company until they agreed to cover the medical procedure for his friend.
by brightstar June 20, 2012
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