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A boy who is trying to grow up too fast. They cuss a lot and use it in everyday language. He has lots of friends(which sometimes aren't too good) Some of them talk about him without him knowing, these are the friends they always talk good about. He drops a few real friends for a lot of fake ones. Sometimes Edixon is cool and fun and that's when people like him,other than that Edixon's are cool.
There goes Edixon cussing
by {sock} June 26, 2017
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A good friend that will defend you and stand by you. This person has lots of friends but also has some drama. Some people may try to tear this person down but he always gets up. He likes to have the last word. This person is very attached to people and his best friends. You should be friends with this person but never do anything to hime because he snaps back. So don't accuse him of stealing when you know you are false. He will be your friend and he will defend you at all costs. Once and a while he will choose the wrong people because he likes to make friends and this wrong people are called CJ.
There goes my Edixon
by *beep* April 25, 2017
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