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Edissa is a bright beautiful, amazing, and GORGEOUS girl. She is like no other, she holds a very special unique personality, She is funny and can be crazy at times but she is always the person that people can count on to make them happy. Edissa loves to sing and dance, and be happy, Family and friends mean the most to her, She is very courageous and sometimes she can be self doubtful about herself at times, She is very opinionated, Anyone would be glad to have a friend like Edissa
Edissa is astonishing
by M, Belle, D February 03, 2018
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Edissa is a outgoing person. She loves her friends /family more than anything. She is not afraid to do anything , Edissa is confident. There are many words to describe her , gorgeous ,funny, nice
by Mariella, B,D July 12, 2017
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