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Edili is the most perfect girl you can ever meet. There aren't many Edili's out there in the world, but the most perfect Edili is taken by Henry so back off. Some things there is to love about Edili is that she funny, sweet, charming, different, beautiful, and she aren’t afraid to be herself. Ever since the day he started talking to her, there was something different about her that was so special. They started talking as complete strangers but Henry developed a love for her that you just can’t explain with simple words. When they started talking, he just couldn’t get you her off his mind, like every single second she is on his mind and still is no matter what. She is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to Henry. Edili and her precious little self came into his life and filled it with so much love and joy that he just wants to spend every single second of his life with her. Her smile is the most amazing thing ever and it is just something you'll always love and never forget. Edili is someone you want to be friends with and just hang out with, boys can back off. Don't forget that if you do anything to hurt Edili, Henry will hunt you down and hurt you even more so do not mess with Edili. Edili is a cool girl and she always will be for the rest of her life. And sorry if Henry and Edili forget to invite you to the wedding in 10 years. Whoops.
Is that Edili?
Yeah! But don't mess with her, she's a independent woman. And Henry will hurt you if you mess with Edili
by Edili's Boo June 10, 2018
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