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A character from Final Fantasy VI. He has a twin brother named Sabin Rene Figaro.

Originally he has an alliance with the Empire, but is actually working with the Returners. After Locke brings Terra to Figaro and Kefka discovers this all ties with the Empire are cut. He fights alongside the Returners and specializes in machinary based weaponry. He's a bit of a ruthless flirt and tries to flirt with Terra but she doesn't understand since she's always been used as a weapon. After his father died he rigged the coin toss with his brother so that Sabin would win(he used a two headed coin). After Kefka takes over he is seen as Gerad(an anagram for Edgar) in the world of ruin leading a gang of thieves. He feigns ignorance to Celes and Sabin. Turns out he was using the thieves to get to Figaro which was stuck under the sands. Rejoins the party after Figaro is freed form under the sands.
Edgar Roni Figaro may be a bit of a lech, but he knows what has to be done to stop the Empire.
by toeskater91 October 25, 2009
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