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The UK exam board that will fuck up your future fo' sho'

They get 'tards to do the marking and are just general wankers.
uhh... a C ...... fucking Edexcel.

they gonna get some vengance on they arse.
by caffie. January 22, 2008
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Ahh Edexcel, short for Edexhell, simply put they are the exam board that hell didn't want. Stay clear away from their qualifications and exam papers, they will f**k up your future, their incompetent examiners literally take a large sh*t on your exam paper and screw you over without protection. As they're misreable sad no-lifers who have to pick on Comprehensive School kids in order to feel big and strong, cause they can't get laid at night.

If you have this exam board may God help you. All you are to them is Candidate 3945, another victim to the system.
"jchezzz man is vexxed still, big man ting how can man get a C, naahhhh Edexcel is dizzy fam!"
by RobotWizard November 21, 2016
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