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Noun. A fun and safe way to personify the smoking, buying, or selling of that danky marijuana. The full name is most often used but can easily be shortened to simply 'Eddie' for the purpose of being used as a code around family, at work, etc. Video and written records trace the origins of the word to the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington D.C., though it is now widely used across the US and abroad.
Really high "I've been talking to Eddie Mo all afternoon so please speak slower."

On the phone to a friend while at work "Hey did you happen to see Eddie today, I really need to talk with him."
Friend "I saw Eddie Mo Mo and he said he's coming by your place tonight around seven."

Standing on the street in front of a liquor store. "Got that Eddie Mo Mo. Hey, you looking for Eddie Mo, I got that Mo Mo."
by emceesquared June 30, 2009
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