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A job title that involves a person getting paid to spend there boss's money on whatever they want to help stimulate the economy. Able to spend the money on themselves as long as said Economic Stimulator thinks the item/items are expensive enough to help.
"Billy did you hear that the Economic Stimulator just bought herself another dress with the company's money"? "No I didn't John, I just hope that it was expensive enough to help our economy out". "Well its no rolex Billy, thats for sure". "All I know is that its gucci so i think it was a good buy".
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One who goes to rich people and ganks their belongings in order to help get the economy back on its feet. Also resells expensive merchndise at a discount.
With the economy the way it is, people need to start spending money. Therefore, the Professional Economic Stimulator will goto areas where peole have the most money to spend and remove valuable things, destroy property in order to gain access to valuable things, and take money in order to get them out in the economy spending money to help this country.
by SmurfDaddy January 24, 2004
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