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is a term that symbolizes how the markets (and society in general) ignore the reality and rather trust the perception gathered through media and others.

It is also supported by the theory that "as long as the numbers stay in line with previously acceptable economic data, the world won’t fret too much about what is happening on the ground."
Basically it is the amount of shit perceived as real by the majority but underneath the facts say the opposite. Rising econoception is the rising amount of shit covered up by the facts which will eventually be exposed causing a declining econoception where the shit has been exposed and hit the fan.

An example can be made also in relationships...
If you think things are going bad with your girl and she's cheating but you stick with her... thats rising econoception. Eventually the truth will come out that she is banging your best friend and you'll kick your ass (or he will for you?). Then a violent declining econoception starts because you about to jump off a building due to the truth kicking your ass.

Or another very simple example is a thai ladyboy... do a search on google images and you'll witness what we talking about. It looks great in the beginning if you a straight guy (rising econoception) and no matter how much you want to believe it... in the end IT will catch up with you (declining econoception).

A more formal example in the first world is the US mortgage crisis. Enough said.

So a lot of people rather trust the perception and ignore the reality and so... Econoception is born.
by realitysabitch April 17, 2009
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