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Once a site for a tribe of Native Americans led by chief Alawatchakeema, Echo Lake is currently the location of the best summer camp in the world. In this paradise, the skies are always blue and the sun almost always shines. Even when it's raining out, people still find a reason to smile. Everybody- regardless of age- can have a great time at Echo Lake. Just beware of the snapping turtle who lives in the lake.
If I didn't go to Echo Lake, I'll tell you what I'd do. I'd sit myself in the middle of the road and cry boohoo hoo hoo.
by IroquoisMohawkLover June 29, 2010
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You fill a bucket with your cum, then you proceed to dump it on your girl.
last night i gave my girl the largest Echo Lake, she almost drowned in my cum.
by tazz676 April 24, 2009
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Echo lake is a camp where only the cool roll. The girls might be a bit jappy but all in all they got some nice features. The boys are cooler tan most boys, they chill with each other and yes, there are some faggots but what can you say. Usually the faggots go to Brant Lake an all boys camp. Where 3 of 10 are gay.
You those guys are so cool. They must be from Echo Lake.
by Crusty butthole1 May 05, 2005
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