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An addictive sport that has captured the hearts and souls of players and fans across the metropolitan downtown New York City area, west of Wall Street. The sport takes the best components of such sports as tennis, ping pong, hand ball, volleyball, etc. and masterfully combines them into one.

1) An official Echo Ball, which looks very similar to a standard tennis ball, but much more professional.

2) A wooden desk that is wider than long, approx. 12' W x 6' L. Desk must have 8 holes placed evenly apart. 4 holes on each side of the court. Each hole is approx. 6" W. and 1' L. A wooden divider splits the table in half horizontally and a line dissects the table vertically so that 4 equal quadrants are formed. The 8 square cut out wooden pieces remaining from the 8 holes on the desk are to be placed on the divider evenly across forming a porous net.

A 2 or 4 player game. 4 player game is played as doubles.

The rules are similar to ping pong unless otherwise noted.

The wooden pieces on the divider are in play. Fallen pieces are reset after each point. Any nearby walls are in play and are not considered a bounce. Example, a ball that bounces in your end than hits off the wall and then into the opponent's side is a legal play.

In doubles, a "lop pass" is allowed which is a move in which a teammate hits the ball into the air and his teammate hits the ball down onto the opponent's side. This move can only occur after the serve and return have been put in play.
Garganese: What is this game that these guys have been playing the last 5 hours?

Sprachman: Game? Oh, you mean Echo Ball. Its not a game, its a sport.
by A true fan of the sport July 14, 2010
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