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A combination of both Ebola and AIDS.
Ebola makes you vomit your own blood and AIDS ruins your immune system and both are highly contagious.
So basically, you puke poisonous blood.

You WILL be under quarantine for the rest of your life.
You shouldn't need an example, it's pretty easy to understand

"Father, I think I have Ebola AIDS." *vomits blood into sink*

"Son, you are quarantine."

*Son in hospital*

by Aeon 4027 October 05, 2010
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Ebola AIDS also known as Penis or Vagina AIDS. Ebola AIDS make you produce large quantities of cum water. Cum water is a type of semen that you will find inside Turkey dick. Cum Water contains lots of Mercury and Pee and Shit. As a result, It is very poisonous. The only way to cure Ebola AIDS is to snort large amounts of Crack, Heroin and Meth
My girlfriend refused to have sex with me because i have Ebola AIDS
by Professor Ching Chong July 24, 2019
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