To eat salad is a code name for French kissing, and getting a tad bit suggestive, but nothing too far (i.e. playing with thighs, doing tiny little moans when separating to breathe...)
Person: holy shit eating salad with you last night was awesome
by Ur Nigerian prince uncle March 15, 2020
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Eat the salad is a phrase invented by Donald Trump. He was the first man ever to say this phrase. It is a great phrase. Maybe the greatest phrase ever.

It means “swallow my tired old grey pubes when you go down on me
by George Oh’nile March 13, 2018
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The type of girl you take out on a date who sits quietly, orders a salad, and shuts the fuck up. Many times, nothing is more infuriating than the quiet, salad eating bitch sitting in the booth of the Ruby Tuesday's, eating the Mandarin Chicken salad.

The kind of bitch you have to initiate every sentence with, and answers in short, meek replies.

Not a sexist term; see salad eating bastard
Yo, I took Sandy out to Applebees, but she turned out to be one of them salad eating bitches. Now I'm out 10 bucks.
by Wraen July 04, 2007
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