The act of sodomizing or being sodomized during Breakfast Table. The Dean creating the special jizz filled cup of coffee could also be considered "Eating Breakfast."
Dchi Member: Yea lots of us were Eating Breakfast this morning during Breakfast Table.

Normal Person: Don't tell me that shit dude that's fucking gross.

Dchi Member: Doesn't everyone eat Breakfast?

I never thought Eating Breakfast could be so painful.
by Very Tall Human January 12, 2011
You: Hey teacher did you eat breakfast today?
Teacher: Why yes I did and it was quite delectable!
You: Lul
by Charles Lulson May 9, 2008
Eating breakfast on a mirror is a drug refrence, it means taking coicane when you have just woke up.
John: Hey, it's Amy Whinehouse!"
Tom: "She's had breakfast on a mirror!"
John: "Yeah, she's totally been Eating breakfast on a mirror"
by cows float all the time September 11, 2008
Similar to a rim job or to toss the salad, however, it occurs after your lover has defecated.
1. She was such a whore that I made her eat my breakfast.
2. That chick is so hot. I would so eat her breakfast.
by jmclane2 March 5, 2008
they say you go to school and eat the schools breakfast
ohhh yeaaa national eat breakfast day
by a stupid ass loser October 27, 2022