Variation on eat a bag of dicks and eat all the dicks

An expression of outrage at another.
After Fox sued Warner Bros to try and get Watchmen canceled, everyone invited them to eat all dicks.
by LongRanger2 January 23, 2009
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april 11th, get ready to eat every furry you can
*sees a furry in public*

person: hey, do you know what day it is
furry : no?
person : its national eat all furries day
furry : oh hell no *runs*
by yes this is very cool October 18, 2021
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My boyfriend texted me this after i told him to not skip meals what the hell does it mean
Ye boi: what does i would eat all your meals mean?

The world: the world may never know
by JISUNGPARK March 25, 2018
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EAT IT ALL is an Idiom expression meaning a person who believes in everything.
Example: John is an eat it all. He agrees what everyone says. He doesn't care wether the person is a kid or old.
by Levi Buana Bacar March 26, 2021
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