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the dumbass school that sold a $62,000 trailer for $1 on eBay. Good job Rachael Heath!
Person 1:Did you hear about that trailer at East Stroudsburg South?
Person 2: Hell yeah, what a bunch of dumbasses!
by Waffuhl August 05, 2009
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East stroudsburg South is the name for the high school in East Stroudsburg, PA located on North Courtland Street. It is currently undergoing a large renovation to update the building and make more room for growth based on the recent population influx and the need to remove all the asbestos from the building. The school boasts some very successful sports teams including football, girls basketball, soccer, track and rifle. Contrary to popular belief, the athletes at East Stroudsburg South don't take steroids. This was a rumor made up by some bitter North students who can't accept that they'll never beat South at football. East Stroudsburg South is a bitter rival with Stroudsburg and the two teams face off on Turkey Day every year for the Little Brown Jug. After East Stroudsburg North opened in 2000, they fancied themselves as a rival for South but seriously. They suck ass at everything. East Stroudsburg South's school colors are purple and white and their mascot is the Cavalier. The South campus is the far more superior campus as the North school is almost entirely populated by New Yorkers and wannabe white kids who insist that they're actually black.
I went to the Civil War game last night East Stroudsburg South vs. East Stroudsburg North. It was a slaughter again when South beat the shit out of North.
by Former South Student 03 March 18, 2009
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