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The fourth Largest town in Connecticut (land-wise), nestled in the Connecticut River Valley. It has a population of roughly 8000, and is made up of East Haddam, Moodus, Hadlyme, Millington and Lake Hayward. It is about 20 minutes from anything and is home to a subpar school system that seldom gives back to the community in way of facility use. Within, there is the Gristmill Market and a 7-11 which is either inhabited by pale students who think they're ghetto, or students in their brand new pick up trucks that think they're hicks. There are no stop lights, only two blinking red lights to indicate a stop sign at a four way intersection, and the town is generally not allowed to open any sort of chain or franchise because it is categorized as a historical town.
Made famous by Fox Hopyard golf course, the historical Goodspeed Opera House and the multi-championship winning high school softball team (accredited to the fact that there are hardly any other sports to play in the Nathan Hale-Ray school system), East Haddam has a small tourist population mostly consisting of the elderly in the summer time. There is a bad teen alcohol, teen drug use, and teen un-safe sex problem in East Haddam that most parents tend to ignore or enable, often times accredited to the fact that East Haddam is boring. The Goodspeed Opera House has hosted a few famous people (James Vanderbeek, Julie Andrews) and actor Michael McKean has been said to live in town at one point.
Did you play football in high school?
No...I went to school in East Haddam, CT

Can we have a pizza delivered?
No way! This is East Haddam, CT
by cow boy booty February 17, 2011
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The most boring town ever founded. The most entertaning thing to do is to go to 7-11 and hang out. Home to Bashan Lake
Dude lets go do something.

What theres nothing to do in East Haddam, Ct
by Eh is boring July 24, 2010
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