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We are located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.We love Mr.Deneroff and don't understand why he's married to Mrs. Deneroff. We go to John Jay even though we dont really know why because its not that fun. We eat chinese food every day at lunch. The principal looks like a goat/fish and doesn't do anything all day. We play handball in gym even though its not a real sport. We make fun of the 6th graders. We hate wheely backpacks. We are scared of Skinner the security guard. We get yelled at by her about twice a day. We walk up 5 flights of stairs 3 times a day. We hate staying in for lunch. Mr.Finch tells us that we will fail at our lives. He thinks he can fly and listens to Enya. We hate the smelly deli, and get yelled at every morning for standing in the other deli without buying anything. There's always a popular group in each grade. The assistant principal looks like a super hero in a suit. We wear UGGS or CONVERSE everyday. A lot of people dress that same. The hallways are a foot wide. We take lots of pictures on Photobooth and make peace signs and kissy faces. We run into Eric on Gossip Girl a lot. BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL EVER.
Person 1: that kid looks like hes four year old why does he have a wheely backpack?
Person 2: He must be a 6th grader at East Side Middle School I can tell by looking at him.
by student alumni October 28, 2009
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