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Easha is a very strong and powerful person, she is a huge tomboy and a badass. Easha's favourite thing to do is binge watch TV shows and sleep. She is a beautiful person inside out and is loved by everyone. Everyone should be jealous of Easha as she is perfect in every way. Easha is a god damn queen and slays everything in her path. You better watch out.
God i wish i was Easha.
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by iridocyclitisisqueen March 09, 2018
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Perfect in every way. Clever, beautiful, kind and considerate, she charms everyone she meets. She can be sweet but also she can be sharp and sarcastic. She is brilliant at making people laugh. She is so pretty and gorgeous She is so amazing that even Justin Beiber wants to go on a date with her.
She is nice, but doesn't compare to Easha
by Cherrycupcake8 February 07, 2017
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easha is a name originated from Iraq and has its plays in the arabic world. it means happiness and beauty. and any girl named Easha lives up to her name! easha is absolutely stunning and has a big generous heart. she is also very sexy and great in bed. every girl wished she was as a perfect as easha
“Wow did you see easha today? god that girl can never look bad”
by gigibabygiirl July 31, 2018
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