Stupid ring things that expand the ear lobes in an attempt to make someone look badass, but in reality, fail miserably only to look like a douchebag.
Person 1 - "Hey, guys, I got my ears gauged!"
Persons 1-any - "Shut up douchebag. No cool person likes ear gauging."
by Total non-douche March 9, 2009
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Those massive holes in peoples' ear lobes after getting them stretched to the size of their fist practically. They're pretty gross but some people think they're cool...although I think they're mentally ill.
Guy 1: OMG what is that THING in your ear?

Guy 2: its an ear gauge. Basically a massive gaping hole in my ear.

Guy 1: Eww *runs away*
by HellzAngeL13 July 31, 2009
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