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(noun/adjective/female name)

defined as being sexy or pertaining to attractive things. Ealoni is a rare female name that is gaining in popularity. Generally Ealonis are females of mixed races, are often athletic, and are exceptionally unique. They tend to be women with a fantastic sense of humor. Although some people do not understand an Ealoni's humor, she always maintains a positive outlook on life.
That girl is FINE. She is so sexy, she must be an Ealoni!

The girl standing against the wall with ginger hair is so gorgeous, her name must be Ealoni.

The one thing I want in life is to marry a girl named Ealoni-they are all sexy.

Ealoni is too sexy for her shirt, so sexy it hurts!

Ealoni has the best sense of humor, is an amazing athlete, and happens to be gorgeous. Is there anything she can't do?
by ealonilover December 13, 2010
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