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A law that governs the flow of unfortunate events in time. Applies equally to philosophical, physical, mental, and emotional conflicts. Eagan's Law states that:

"Given a specific set of circumstances, the most personally inconvenient outcome of a situation will always be the end result. Should one make a decision to enact a more convenient solution, that solution will end up becoming more inconvenient than the first.

However, in the event that one recognizes the potential of the most inconvenient outcome, an equally inconvenient but unforeseen outcome shall take its place."

Over the years, many have equated Eagan's Law with Murphy's Law, which holds that "anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Although the two are similar in subject matter, Eagan's Law provides a more comprehensive understanding of unfortunate phenomena than Murphy's Law. Murphy himself admitted this often, crediting Eagan's Law as the basis of much of his own work (citation needed).
Josh: "I went all the way back to the front of the store for a cart, and now we don't even need it. Plus, it's the one with the shitty wheel."

Andrew: "Chalk that one up to Eagan's Law.
by steffescope February 02, 2012
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