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Acronym for Emo/Scene People Make Me Laugh. A MySpace user who has recently become very popular for her blogs and opinions (e.g. One entry cites "How to Be Scene," indicating that all scenesters all dress, think, act alike). The idea of Tom not being the creator of MySpace also originated with her, creating a new theory as to the true founder.
A commenter (Sprinkles) left this on her site, directed towards ESPMML: People stopped praying to Jesus. They stopped praying to Jeffree Star they're praying to you
by NaivivTheRed June 17, 2006
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ESPMML (Emo/Scene People Make Me Laugh) is a MySpace account run by some racist, douche-bag girl who thinks she knows everything about everything. She thinks that she is the first one to come up with the theories she blogs about. She has legions of little MySpace fans who think she is the greatest thing to ever hit the internet and always compliment her on her writing (ex: "LMAO ILY"); when in fact, she writes very poorly about things she barely understands. In conclusion, she sucks and the people that praise her are probably illiterate.
"Maybe asians are bad drivers, but is it because their eyes are so small? I don't know."-ESPMML
by Tanya Harding November 30, 2007
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