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Some real white kids from Ohio. But yet they are so gangster with it, it's unbeliveable. They take some of the most gangster songs around and 'whiteafie' them. So gangster it's crazy. The Boys;

"Hey man did you see that black guy pumpin' that E.P.M. Crew?"

"Fo shelia mayne! E.P.M. is pretty amazing! I like their 'White Tee' Remix. That shit is hilarious; "I`m a white-E,I'm a white-e"

"Them mo' fuckers live in Ohio? I guess not everyone there are fuck jobs. The E.P.M. Crew is super black for being white guys."

"Go Get their CD. The title is fuckign hilarious "Peep Them Bitches in a Honda"
by [e.99]Miracle August 27, 2004
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E.P.M. is a mafia. The headquarters is somewhere in the mid-west. The mafia itself is run by 3 bosses and under them is their enforcer. E.P.M. is also closely affiliated with a few individuals who do jobs for them or have connections.
E.P.M. is scary, they had people run up in my house.
by mackrock17 September 08, 2007
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Endangered Pink Monkey

EPM, Alias James Kim.

See *Ehpumnize*
You just got owned by EPM!
by Ehpumnizer December 29, 2003
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noun, slang for Excedrin PM sleep aid.

most commonly used in plural form.
"man, im gonna take 8 epm's and gota sleep"
by cl9ud October 26, 2003
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