A brainwashed Christian Nazi who's too scared to be cool like smoking weed and drinking a beer and listen to cool music who run the police Jesus when his mouth
EPC you coward
by Kingofdick July 12, 2019
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1.a group of 4 sexi mofos
2. an elephants ass with grafiti marked upon it
1.woah they are a hot lookin bunch of epc's
2.yo that lad looks like an epc
by icandoscienceme March 18, 2008
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2 fast talkers with attitude they don't call their cell rappers they call ourselves fast talkers
by Pee-wee Jones October 5, 2020
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EPC, Existential Pain Club a world-renowned global youtube channel that has amassed billions of views globally, providing quality content to millions throughout the world.

History: A place where time stops and reality continues

The Existential Pain Club is a family company of over 65 years. It was started by the honourable Grandfather Prims and to this day, the tradition of family and culture continues.
Wow, that was so cool Tyrone, That was Existential Pain EPC.

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When the EPC you
by Existential Pain Club November 29, 2021
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