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Stands for Exclusive Friends With Benefits, where there is no love, and each partner is not tied very strongly to the other; As in moving with each other across the country or maintaining a long distance relationship is NOT expected. There are many EFWB’s, quite commonly in college and other situations where ambitions and lack of autonomy overrule the connection between partners, though they rarely admit this or call it anything less than a fully bonafide first class monogamous loving relationship.
Karina: Are you planning on being exclusive with Ray after you leave college and move to Florida?
Rachel: No, we're not that close. I think we'll just stay FWB's unless I meet someone who wants to be exclusive.
Karina: Oh, so you're currently EFWB's, Exclusive friends with benefits.
Rachel: I suppose so... It's a lot of fun, without the baggage. I hope he knows we're not that close, it's only going to make the goodbye harder.
by Oldarney January 06, 2015
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