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acronym: Elbow Deep Cooter Punch

To punch a girl in the cooter so hard your arm goes in all the way up to your elbow.
Mom didn't have breakfast ready for me, so I had to dish out an EDCP!
by CNSMike December 04, 2007
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EDCP is a cartoon police group that stands for “everyday cartoon police” it’s similar to the VGCP, UTTP, TPNG, NDCP, SATF, NODD, POE, OWN, And THDTC. The EDCP Started during the GoAnimate war in 2014 It later became a inmature group of people who do not disrespect options and make dead Meat and grounded threats many people left and joined other groups due to controversy
Today we’re gonna rant on the “EDCP”
by Donkey9999999999999xd December 17, 2017
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