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Acronym for "Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified." The DSM-IV categorizes any eating disorder without a name as "not otherwise specified." Often, people categorized as having ED-NOS basically have anorexia or bulimia but cannot be classified as such because of a technicality.
Some examples of people who are ED-NOS:
-A person who severely restricts food intake but is not yet underweight by DSM-IV standards
-A female who meets all other criteria for anorexia but continues to have regular menstrual periods.
-A person who regularly binges WITHOUT engaging in inappropriate compensatory behaviors such as purging (also known as binge eating disorder).
-Someone who binges and purges but does not meet the frequency or duration requirements for a diagnosis of bulimia
-Someone who regularly purges after eating regular amounts of food, but is not yet "clinically underweight."
-Someone who regularly chews food and spits it out without swallowing, but does not meet the criteria for either bulimia or anorexia.
-Any individual who is recovering from or just about to enter one of the "specified" eating disorders.
by Juliet January 24, 2005
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An acronym for Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, the term was coined after a definition given in hopsitals and support centers to a person who:
- Suffers from all normal symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa, including weight loss, but may or may not be in a "normal" weight range.
-Suffers from all normal symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa, but binges tend to be relatively small (not exceeding 500 calories), and binging and purging incidents occur on a less than daily basis.
- Regularly uses 'inappropriate compensatory behavior' after eating small amounts of food (in other words, purging for an extended period of time after eating a very small amount of food)
-Regularly chewing and spitting out, but not swallowing, of food.

the term "ednos" is also used to refer to those in recovery from an eating disorder.
Some in the "pro-eating disorder" community refer to ednos as 'bulimexics', due to the similarities to both anorexia and bulmia.
by Memorex December 17, 2004
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