A robot intended to be used as a cop in order to put an end to crime in Old Detroit in the the movie Robocop. It has two machine guns for arms, both of which come equipped with side-mounted rockets. When it was first tested in the OCP boardroom, it malfunctioned and turned Mr. Kinney into a hamburger by pumping round after round of screaming metal into his flesh until they pulled out his power cord. Ultimately gets pwned by Murphy/Robocop at the end of the movie
Dick Jones: Mr. Kinney.
Kinney: Yes sir?
Jones: Give us a demonstration.
Kinney: Yes sir.
-Jones hands Kinney a gun-
Jones: Use your gun in a threatening manner
-Kinney points gun at Jones-
Jones: Point it at Ed-209
-Kinney points gun at ED-209. It goes berserk and shoots him until there is barely enough left of the body to carry out
by Lilparkczar December 05, 2007
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When a girl punches a guy in the act robocoping a hoe. ED-209 is one of robocop's enemies.
She ED-209 me last night.
by EdTheA February 14, 2008
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