ECMO stands for Exter-corporeal-membrane-oxygenation. Ecmo is a heart lung bypass used for people who's lungs and/or heart are too sick to work. Its used as a last resourt, and it allows the heart and/or lungs to rest while it circulated and oxygenated the lungs. It is very common in the NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for preemature and/or severly ill babies. Two catheters called cannulas are placed into arteries, and the blood is taken out of the body, filtered, oxygenated, and returned back to the blood
Smosh was placed on ECMO after his lungs and heart began to shut down.
by ventilator98 April 6, 2009
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An acronym for "Eyes closed mouth open". Ecmo is generally considered an unflattering facial expression, however can also be used to refer to enjoyment, or sex.
The picture in Barry's would almost make a great profile pic, but I'm ECMO.

It was incredible! I was ECMO all the way through!
by EasyEggplant October 27, 2010
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Ears closed mouth open syndrome pertains mostly to children. It is a phenomenon that happens when they are too busy talking to hear what you are saying. Typically a child will ask a question, then as you are trying to answer it they will immediately either ask another question or just start talking about something else. Then they will shortly after ask you the same question as though you never answered them.
The children would have heard me tell them that we were going to McDonalds for dinner if their ecmo syndrome didn't over ride the answer.
by meatface December 25, 2012
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