An acronym that stands for Equal Opportunity Hater. Regardless of your race, color, or creed, and E.O.H. will hate you. An E.O.H holds no prejudices, he/she hates everybody equally.
Janice was raised in a society that promotes equality. Janice is also a hateful person. Rather than focusing her hate on a particular group of people, she spreads her hatred to any and every person she encounters, thus making Janice an Equal Opportunity Hater, or E.O.H.
by ImmunoSciGuy January 17, 2012
An Equal Opportunity Hoe.
One that does not discriminate when it comes to sex ie. sex, age, race, religion, orientation, and especially O.P.P.
Person 1(young black guy) : Yo you know Erin?
Person 2(hadicap black girl) : I do!
Person 3(old gay asian guy): That bitch is a E.O.H.
Person 4(hermaphodite):Yeah, I know I had that!!!
by LAKWANDAH JANKENS October 21, 2006