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A condition in which one's memory of an opened email is disturbed. In simple terms it is the loss of memory of opening and viewing an email.
I opened the email, and then promptly forgot. It is as if I never received it. I occasionally suffer from E-mnesia.
by esau kessler October 23, 2008
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When one has a contact on a messenger or e-mail of whom he or she does not remember.
IMer 1: "Hey, who is this?"
IMer 2: "So-and-so, who's this?"
IMer 1: "Oh, you know, what's-er-face. Can you remind me how I know you?"
IMer 2: "I'm not sure... but you were on my buddies list too. It's like amnesia!"
IMer 1: "E-mnesia!"
by xanthraxx80 November 15, 2009
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