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A simple way of saying your girl friend/wife is being a bitch, and she is directing that bitchiness at you. The "E" stands for estrogen and rays being the rays of estrogen being focused at your helpless existence.
"Man my girl has had her E-Rays on me all day"

"My wife has been targeting me with her E-Rays all week"
by abadstar13 October 05, 2009
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Eray is a sexy mother fucker with a great personality. All the eray's that you will meet in the world will automatically make you smile. His nickname is earhoe and he has a fetish for ears. You will not be sure of his gender because he looks like a boy and a girl. But later in life you will realize he was in fact a woman.
"Isn't That Eray a woman?"

"I'm not sure."
by suckmytoes232 May 30, 2018
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a very smart person and his youtube channel is mythicaltan gamer
hey look its eray he is so smart
by airqqq May 28, 2018
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