1) Common jargon for a type of white male who exists slightly behind contemporary society. Style, vernacular and interests similar to those of parental generation. 2) A type of drug similar to ecstasy except the drug related effects are only caused by the user. Synonym for placebo. 3) The random and annoying musical tune, rift, melody or diddy. 4)Street lingo for an Eft.
1) Yeah, that E Diddy tried to dance with me, but all he could do was snap and spin so I went to the bar.
2) I kept all the good stuff for myself and gave those losers the E Diddy.
3) All of a sudden that E Diddy busted out into a crescendo'ing E Diddy while we he was tripping on E Diddy.
4) I wasn't scared, just annoyed. Dang newt was wicked small to be an adult, it had to be an E Diddy.
by BIG BAD JAAUN December 14, 2010
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