E Nomine (Latin for "in the name of") is a German music project which was made in 1999 by producers Christian Weller and Friedrich Graner. They've been classified as trance techno but E Nomine themselves call it Monumental Dance. Their music is a combination of Techno music and vocals which resemble Gregorian choir singing. Their songs are sung by German synchronis speakers (Germans that do the voice overs for foreign movies). Their lyrics often involve religious issues and religious texts are constantly quoted. They also sing about magic and battles between good and evil.
E Nomine - Mitternacht
E Nomine - Vater Unser
E Nomine - Das Tier in mir
by Andrew Tavares May 26, 2006
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E Nomine is a dance band from Germany. They have released 3 albums (Not counting their greatest hits album) all with different themes. The music of E Nomine combines German chanting, techno beats, and choir music.
E Nomine kicks ass, so buy their CD's!
by Lord Of The Xenophiles April 13, 2005
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