An E Nashy is a Male guy roughly around the age of 13 - 18, he usually develops a Pringle fetish around his 14th birthday, on rare occasions he might become aggressive with this fetish and beat you with his recently used Pringle can that he just came into. If you see an E Nashy running towards you waving a Pringle can... R U N
Person 1 - “Bro yesterday I was in the shop and I realised all the pringles were gone and guess who had them?”
Person 2 - “Who?"
P1 - “An E Nashy gone out of control at the back of she shop cumming into each and every can, he saw me looking at him and ran at me waving a can in his hand while one was still wrapped around his penis, I’ve never ran so fast in my life”
by ResouceRoomkid123 October 14, 2019
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