E Generation is the definition of Entitled Adult children who Estrange from their parents out of distorted self-important rationalizations of being superior over others, yet never having put forth effort to actually achieve anything of significance on their own. Entitlement and Estranged being the key words.

They will withhold visits to the grandchildren as a weapon to control their own parents/grandparents. Parents of the Entitled/Estranged children are often blindsided by the cruel tactics used by their own children, which include but are not limited to: manipulative tactics, character assassination, false accusations, legal restraining orders, demands for apologies for "crimes" that were never committed except in the fantastical thinking of the accuser, extortion for funds to buy things like houses and cars or to pay bills for their progeny, often times estranging from decent parents as the ultimate power play to hurt and control those who have been responsible caregivers. The battles are recognizable as fierce completion of child against parent at all costs.
What is it with all these adult children who become tyrants and attempt to rule the roost with an iron fist? Just typical of the E Generation

The E-generation-a generation of teens and young adults that feel so empowered and entitled that they often clash with their parents, creating a palpable power struggle within the family. This often leaves good parents alone, depressed, and completely befuddled as to what they did wrong. ha

E Generation participants will expect others to just believe that they practically raised themselves in an ultra "abusive" household, but anyone who has observed their upbringing knows that they were indulged, given resources unconditionally, and well-loved by devoted parents. Estranging from those parents is the ultimate "temper tantrum" thrown by spoiled, entitled adult children in order to punish their parents for loving them too much.

She has blocked her parents from FB and won't let them see the grandchildren because she didn't like them "trying to control" her with their opinions. More Weak sauce and manipulation from an E-Gen!
by wjustine September 8, 2013
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The generation that comes after Generation Y Generation E children feel they are "Entitled" to everything and putting forth no effort
I am really tired of these Generation E kids. Every kid gets a trophy whether they win or lose. What ever happened to winner reaps the rewards
by NickyLags December 18, 2012
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