The world's best League of Legends player, who acts as a spy within the TeamSoloMid house.

His current goal is to prevent them from being able to play by eating all of their food, in order to malnourished them.
Rainman: "Dyrus finished off all the cereal again, Regi."
by Riblehor November 4, 2011
A man of unrelenting, immeasurable grit. His manly musk rivals that of world class Mr. Universe contestants with his chiseled glutes, washboard abs, and rock-hard pectorals.

He's well known for his baylife mentality and overpowered Hawaiian swag in the League of Legends professional scene as well as his ability to single-handedly change the metagame to popularize underused champions.
Scrub Baddie: "Wow wtf, why are you Olaf top? gg we lose."
Enlightened Player: "Dyrus did it and raped. Olaf is totally viable."
by Aeon Angel November 4, 2011
A word used to name a person who is useless and has no work to do.
These people might come across you while playing Games online or via Social Media, the only reason being that they are slouching in their couches and never move out.
Oh my God! Why has he turned into such a Dyrus!
My boyfriend was such a Dyrus, that's why i left him.
by mariominaketan December 4, 2018