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The party at Wellesley College made famous by Rolling Stone Magazine held every spring.

Originally meant as a celebration of everything queer and as a queer prom. It's most well known for it's "creative black tie" attire that requires drag from any men attending (guests are required to have a Wellesley escort to maintain safety) and generally lingerie from women (genitalia is not suppose to be exposed). It rocks.
"I'm going to Dyke Ball and I plan on wearing an index card, a fig leaf, and a rubber band!"
by WellesleyChick April 16, 2009
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a more common term for the sport of softball; usually played by fat lesbians
"Our dykeball team can bench more than our football team"
by kristin massey March 07, 2005
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Main Entry: Dykeball
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): dykeballed; dykeballΒ·ing
Applies to female gender only.
1 : to do violence to <she dykeballed that man at the bar>
2 : to compel by physical means <she dykeballed me into doing it>
3 : to press, drive, pass, or effect against resistance or inertia <dykeball your way through>
4 : to achieve or win by strength in struggle or violence: as a : to win one's way into <dykeball a castle> <dykeballed the mountain passes> b : to break open or through <dykeball a lock>
5 a : to raise or accelerate to the utmost <dykeball the pace> b : to wrench, strain, or use (language) with marked unnaturalness and lack of ease. <there were dykeballs behind her words>
This big guy passed out and all these guys were lifting him up, carrying him to a taxi. There was Kelly, doing most of the work. She totally dykeballed him right into the cab outside.
by Ian Willms October 17, 2006
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